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Battle Arena update

by News Fairy

BattleArena has some new features for 2022:

BattleArena has changed and coming back

We are returning to season 6 of the project, and we’re declaring the year 2022 as the year of season 6

What has changed?

A lot

– The whole new website – we’ve thought about every detail. Every team has its profile now. 

️You may apply for tournament participation already today as a team, or register your arena to be qualified for hosting tournaments as an arena owner. 


– More arenas for teams qualifying. 

Any team may participate in an unlimited number of qualification tournaments. More games – more rating points

More topics are coming, and we will make everything clear for you. 

The ZOOM conference will make it even simpler, and we will answer all your questions. 

This season will be hot!

Better play!


On this day..

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