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S&T EMG UDP-9 G3 full metal AEG series

by News Fairy

Smart Team have shared details of their new S&T EMG UDP-9 G3 full metal AEG series:


The UPD – 9 introduced this time are collaborations in which S&T oversaw manufacturing and the ANGSTADT ARMS officially licensed by EMG. The toy airsoft manufacturing division of Evike.

The layout is the same as the M4, and the operability needs no explanation. The magazine is a dedicated Glock style, and the magazine is reliable, can be loaded and unloaded smoothly.

The M-LOK handguard is extremely short, allowing you to easily control the muzzle even in tight places when shooting angles of incidence are not possible. Since the stock is cantilevered, the weight at the rear is suppressed, making it much easier to use than PCC stun guns so far.

3 lengths rail M-LOK handguard (6 / 7.5 / 10.5 inch) BLACK / TAN
Style image of UDP-9 6 inch
Style image of UDP-9 7.5 inch
Style image of UDP-9 10.5 inch
Easy Adjustment Wheel M4 HOP UP Device
S&T G3 Ver2 Gearbox (High Speed & Tongue Motor)

UDP-9 Ref Code: 
STEMGAEG302 (6″ inch)
STEMGAEG303 (7.5″ inch)
STEMGAEG304 (10.5″ inch)

S&T EMG Angstadt Arms UDP / SCW-9 Full Metal G3 AEG
■Produced By S&T, EMG Licensing
■9mm Type Polymer 90rds Magazine
■Full Metal Receiver & M-LOK Rail Handguard
■Multi Stage Retractable Stock
■High Speed & Tongue Motor
■S&T G3 Gearbox (Magnetic Sensor Trigger System)
■Full Licensed ANGSTADT ARMS Markings With Serial Numbers
■Suitable For 7.4v Lipo, 8.4v & 9.6v NiMh Battery Only (Battery not included)

Smart Team

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