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Land warrior Airsoft ARES restock

by News Fairy

Land warrior Airsoft have received a delivery from ARES:

 has been a big name in airsoft for well over a decade; known for their unique designs and technical innovation they have satisfied both airsofters and gun collectors with their many different offerings!

For those fans of full-auto fire, we have many choices for you! Everything from licensed Kel-Tec RDB’s that have pleasantly surprised us at LW HQ (the mag release is very satisfying!) to the newest bullpup to be wielded by our own Armed Forces; the L85A3, to the more typical AR-Platforms such as their X-Class M4’s and Honey Badgers

For those who prefer long-distance shooting, the Ares Amoeba Striker series of Sniper Rifles are lightweight with efficient and streamlined ergonomics, perfect for those snipers that are always on the move. We currently have stock of the regular ‘Tactical’ variant and also the short-barrel ‘Knee capper’, perfect for those Sneaky Snipers hiding amongst you!

Ending with a bang, literally, with Grenade Launchers! Cause who doesn’t love a good 40 Mike? The M320 40mm and GL-08 (perfect for those G36 users!) are both here to ready to kick off games properly!

For everything Ares, and all we offer here at Land Warrior HQ, see our website here (where we are currently having a sale on a number of awesome products!) and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for all the news and updates on what’s going on at the store!

Land warrior Airsoft

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