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Two new EP Series products have arrived at PTS

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PTS have shared details of their new EPS Series products:

Two New EP Series Products
have arrived at PTS!

We are glad to tell you that the two new EP Series products have arrived at PTS which are the EP M-LOK Rail Cover Set and EPF-M Modular Foregrip! 

PTS EP M-LOK Rail Cover Set

Item Code:
PT178450807 (Black)

The PTS Enhanced Polymer M-LOK Rail Cover is a simple, low-profile, one-piece panel design that can be press fit into M-LOK rail slots and can directly fit onto most M-LOK aluminum hand guards.  Each panel also has two set screws to further help securely lock the panel to the M-LOK rail slot. The panel is non-orientation specific which allows the user to mount them in either direction without affecting function. The unique flat design is compatible with the hand guard that have a wider and flatter profile. The EP dot pattern texture on the cover provides better traction and additional grip. 
Each pack includes four (2 short & 2 Long) M-LOK covers and also includes an EP Mini Tool which can be used to assist in peeling off the rail cover more easily. The other side of the tool can be used as a flat head screwdriver.

Feature & Specification:
•    Compatibility – M-LOK Mounting Hand Guard
•    Material: High Strength Engineering Plastic
•    Color: Black
•    Weight: Total 9.6g (Long: 3.3g, Short: 1.5g)
•    Product Size: Long: 80(L) x 17(W) x 8(H) mm, Short: 40(L) x 17(W) x 8(H) mm

PTS EPF-M Modular Foregrip

Item Code:
PT166450307 (Black)
PT166450313 (Dark Earth)

The PTS EPF-M (Enhanced Polymer Foregrip-Modular) is designed to directly mount onto an M-LOK rail system. The CNC machined aluminum locking system is fused into the polymer to make the foregrip more solid and durable. Its compact size makes it a perfect handstop length for all hand sizes and minimizes interference with barricades, obstructions, or your tactical gear. The texture design maintains continuity of appearance with our other PTS Enhanced Polymer rifle accessories. Like all PTS polymer products, it is manufactured using high strength, high quality Dupont Zytel polymer that can stand up to real world use as well as any real firearm accessory.
Polymer Foregrip body
Aluminum M-LOK locking system
Includes 1 pair of M-LOK screws, nuts and hex key
Color Option – Black / Dark Earth
Material – Dupont Polymer
Weight – 40g (approx.)
Dimension – 34 x 28 x 63mm
Compatibility – M-LOK rail systems

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