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S&T M249 SAW Series & MK46 SportsLine AEG

by News Fairy

S&T have shared details of their new M249:

I believe everyone is familiar with the M249.

The light machine gun weight is 7.5 kg, which is not light for air gun players. So, we are released the ultra light M249 with S&T sportsline for the players who are not confident in physical strength. The model wight is 3.5kg only, and very motility.

As most high-quality Polymer is made from molded fabric. Gun body, retractable stock with metal shoulder pad and folding bipod to become lightweight and strong.
Full metal quick change outer barrel and carrying handle with FN style flash hider (at M249)

Use high versatility fully automatic fire electric model M4 Type Ver.2 Quick spring release gearbox and can use M4 AEG magazine allows any replacement part for M4/M16 Ver.2 gearbox to be used the magazine compatibility makes your gun an incredible squad weapon that can accept regular M16, M4, M249 box magazines as well

Multi-faceted 1913 Picatinny rail, use expanded to also attaching multiple optic & accessories

500g lightweight (2000 rds) sound sensor nylon box uses AA battery*2 (Can Automatic winding) REF CODE: STMAG35

M249 E2

Weight (g): 3560g
Length (mm): 1060 mm

M249 Para

Weight (g): 3700g
Length (mm): 790 – 925 mm Adjustable

Weight (g): 4010 g
Length (mm): 840 – 922 mm Adjustable

Material: Nylon Fiber Polymer / Metal
Fire Mode: Full-Auto only
Hop-Up Type: Adjustable
Gearbox Type: V2
Motor Type: Long Type
Thread Diameter (14mm): Negative
Capacity (Rounds): 300 Rds / 2000rds drum
Plug Type (Tamiya): Small Tamiya


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