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Complete G&G Armament G2 gearbox

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G&G Armament have shared details of their new G2 Gearbox:

Complete G2 Gearbox

We took the existing version 2 gearbox and strengthen its structural design by adding extra material in the front. We’ve increased the front of the gearbox’s height by 70% and the front width by 74% thicker to prevent any front-end cracking from overuse.

Other improvements were a 50 percent size reduction of the current metal–oxide–semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) found in the Combat Machine SR Series and an increase to the performance by 100%. Also, a built-in speaker in the electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) to notify the player when the programming is properly synced. The ETU can be programmed to a 3-round or 5-round burst. Additionally, a warning sound will indicate when your battery is low to avoid any damage to your AEG. The warning sound can indicate the motor being jammed or spring cannot be compressed due to the low battery.

We upgraded the air nozzle with a double o-ring and cylinder head for improved air seal and compression, a quick spring change that allows a player to easily transit from outdoor and indoor feet per second (FPS) rules quickly, and a redesigned bevel gear for better engagement and performance. New technology was also added with a firearm simulation system which prevents the player from dry firing with an empty magazine inserted or a removed magazine. The only way you can fire is by inserting a fully loaded magazine.

A G2 proprietary magazine design will activate the power cut-off when the magazine is empty. A functional bolt lock for easier access to the rotary hop-up unit. A follower is installed in each G2 magazine to ensure seamless feeding and to prevent any wasted BBs from following out when the magazine is removed.

G&G Armament

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