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Evolution International – Smart Airsoft Guns in Italy

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Evolution International have shared a short article and video demonstrating some of what they do in Italy:

EVOLUTION INTERNATIONAL the Airsoft Company who assembles Smart Airsoft Guns in Italy

Evolution International is a very dynamic company with Strong Research and Development. 

They were the first Airsoft Manufacturer to release an Airsoft gun with electronic functions fully programmable via trigger, and the first manufacturer to launch on the market a Smart Airsoft Gun with tens of advanced functions readily available out of the box.

They are the only airsoft manufacturer who designs and manufactures in-house their own Electronic Trigger Units and assembles replicas in Milano, Italy.

Watch the video about Evolution International?s assembly line here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMN5WSxFrzQ

At Evolution the key-word is ‘simple and easy’. This is the secret behind the worldwide success of the Smart Airsoft Guns that use the E.T.S.II? and E.T.S.III? as electronic engine.

Evolution International’s Founder & CEO Sergio Castelluccia says: ‘we talk about Smart Airsoft Gun because the technology behind the Evolution’s airsoft guns reached a so high level of complexity and sophistication, that we cannot anymore talk about Electric Airsoft Guns. We should call them Electronic Airsoft Guns but that would be reductive as the amount of technology, design and development process is more similar to the one of a Mobile Phone than the one of an airsoft product.

In the Smart Airsoft Guns section we find E.T.S.IITM and E.T.S.IIITM Guns.

The E.T.S.IIITM is the most advanced programmable Electronic Trigger ever installed in a stock of air soft gun and it is the easiest to use.While other manufacturers install electronic units with very limited basic functions and require to buy additional software to unlock the advanced functions and use an external programming unit, PC or apps to program them, the E.T.S. IIITM have all the advanced functions out of the box, and no need of extras to use them, all you need is your finger as all functions, even the most advanced ones, are programmed via trigger.Fast and easy!

Discover the E.T.S.IIITM functions: https://www.evolutioninternational.it/our-products/evolution-supplies/electronic-trigger-system/evolution-ets-3/

With the E.T.S.IITM you can easily assign different functions to the selector lever’s SEMI and AUTO positions. With its advanced programming functions you’ll be able to customize the behaviour of your replica and make it do exactly what you want by using just the selector lever and the trigger, without any limitation or need to use external units to program the functions or to buy additional software to unlock the most advanced features. To program the functions it is not necessary to disconnect the battery, you will be able to change the functions easily and in seconds also during games.

Discover the E.T.S.IITM functions: https://www.evolutioninternational.it/our-products/evolution-supplies/electronic-trigger-system/evolution-e-t-s-ii-eng/ 

Evolution International

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