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G&G Armament LE4 MK1- P

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G&G Armament have announced that their new LE4 MK1- P will be in stores from November:

LE4 MK1- P

Official Release Announcement: the long-awaited new G&G LE4 MK1 will be available in stores worldwide starting November 2022.

The LE4 MK1 is a completely redesigned bolt-action rifle powered by green gas. Three 10-round top-loading “Charger Clips” are included with the rifle for maximum ammunition on the battlefield. The clip themselves have an internationally patented auto-ejection feature when they become depleted. The green gas reservoir has been relocated to the stock of the rifle to optimize its performance and capacity.

A built-in hop-up tool allows for easy adjustments on or off the field and an upgraded 6.04mm tight bore barrel assists in accuracy down range. Own an iconic British rifle by pre-ordering with your local dealer today.

G&G Armament

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