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G&G: Upgrade Your AEG with the G&G GOS-V9 PDW Stock

by News Fairy

G&G Armament have shared details of theirGOS-V9 PDW stock which is available to order now:

PDW Style Stock

The G&G GOS-V9 stock is the latest addition to the PDW stocks from the GOS-V5, designed with enhanced features to elevate your M4/M16 AEG experience. With an enlarged internal diameter and increased length, the GOS-V9 stock offers larger storage space, making it easier to fit Li-PO batteries and reducing the risk of wires getting pinched.

Constructed with reinforced nylon polymer, the GOS-V9 stock is built to last and withstand extreme conditions while maintaining its lightweight profile. The PDW style stock is the perfect upgrade to your M4/M16 AEG, offering improved functionality and durability. The G&G GOS-V9 stock is now available for purchase. Contact your local dealer to try it out and experience the difference it makes in your game.

G&G Armament

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