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Mystery Box? – BBGuns4Less

by Arnie

On the somewhat random side of things mystery boxes are popular with folks, it’s a way to buy yourself something that is likely to be of interest and there’s an element of chance and random discounts to be had. BBGuns4Less are running offers on various size boxes filled with a variety of airsoft guns and bb guns.

Please do tag us on Facebook or Twitter if you’ve purchased a box and let us know what’s inside and what you thought.

The guys over there state:

The BBGuns Mystery box is a product that is truly unique to us, we are the first UK 2 TONE website to offer this service, and as such you will not find a deal like this anywhere but here!

A Mystery box will contain a mixture of both weapons, and equipment at a massive discount to what they would normally sell for on the site, some boxes will be the same, others will not so  there is no confirmed guarantee that you will get the same as something another box owner received! Everything from the boxes is 100% Brand New and has never been used before it comes to you – This means you could end up getting something you have wanted for ages, or could get something even better; That is the beauty of the mystery box – you will never know what you might gain from it and you will most certainly always be amazed at the contents!


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