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New G&G Armament ARP 9 3.0

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G&G Armament have shared details of their new ARP9 3.0:

The All-New ARP 9 3.0 – Smaller, Stronger, and More Stylish Than Ever!

ARP 9 3.0

Our highly anticipated ARP 9 3.0 is finally here, and we’re excited to announce that the series is better than ever before! Get ready to experience a game-changing product that’s packed with power and performance, all while looking sleek and stylish.

The all-new ARP 9 3.0 is smaller and more powerful than its predecessors. With its new exterior design, you’re sure to turn heads and leave your enemies calling their hits faster. And that’s not all, the internals of the ARP 9 3.0 are packed with features that are guaranteed to take your gameplay to the next level.The front-end of the ARP 9 3.0 is equipped with a 4.5-inch metal M-LOK rail. Its upper and lower billet-style receiver is made from a heavy durable polymer that can withstand aggressive gameplay.

The newly designed pistol grip will provide added comfort and control, while the slim minimalistic stock- equipped with our patent-pending conductive hinge folding stock (CHFS)- will allow your AEG to operate smoothly, even while the stock is collapsed. But wait, there’s more! The ARP 9 3.0 is now equipped with our latest MOSFET Integrated Gearbox (MIG), which ensures high performance and durability. It also features our latest 2.0 electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) for crisp trigger response. Paired with a 128mm 6.08mm inner barrel and rotary hop-up, this system offers you unbeatable performance straight out of the box.

The best news yet? The ARP 9 3.0 is now available in all major retailers across the world! So, don’t wait any longer; contact your local dealer now to get your hands on this cutting-edge product and experience gameplay like never before.

G&G Armament

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