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Vortex Optics at Land Warrior

by News Fairy

Land Warrior have some new products from Vortex Optics in stock:

Fresh available at Land Warrior HQ, hot new items from Vortex Optics!

Freshly revealed by Vortex themselves and already in-stock at LW is the Venom 1-6×24 SFP AR-BDC3 Rifle Scope! As the name says, this awesome scope offers the user true 1-6x magnification with an AR-BDC3 reticle perfect for accurate Short-to-Mid Range Engagements in Real Steel use, and ideal for all things airsoft! Built with Speed, Reliability and Downrange Accuracy in mind, and of course, coming with the legendary VIP Warranty that Vortex’s are known for, that covers airsoft use!

We also recently received one of their mighty Impact 4000 Ballistic Rail Mounted Rangefinders, one to make the Real Steel Crowd go ‘Wow!”Designed for those who crave accuracy at vast distances, this device bridges the gap between shooter intuition and ballistic science. Boasting a staggering reflective ranging up to 4000 yards, tree ranging up to 2500 yards, and deer ranging up to 1500 yards, you’re equipped for diverse terrains. Integrated with GeoBallistics® Solver, it’s backed by an extensive bullet library, allowing you to customise ballistic profiles, get wind/drop solutions, and leverage on-board environmental sensors. Its unique Wind Bearing Capture Mode and Built-in Range Card Generator further accentuate its prowess.

In terms of restocks, the very popular Crossfire Red Dot has returned to us! By far Vortex’s most popular offering to the airsoft market, this super-light, ultra-compact, insanely-fast-on-target, incredibly durable Red Dot offering is perfect for close-in work and general shooting. At a price that’s very hard to fault, it’s easy to see why Airsofters love it so much! Other restocks include a plethora of Pistol and Rifle Red Dots, Scopes, Binoculars and more!

All this and so much more is available now at Land Warrior Sports! For more news like this be sure to follow us over the various socials we’re on and to also check out our website!

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