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Arniegeddon 06: Book Now!

by Arnie

Sledge has been in touch with the details of this year’s Arniegeddon. This doesn’t really need any introduction to anyone familiar with Arnies, so I’ll leave it up to the man himself:

Arnie-Geddon 2006 is almost upon us. This year, we’re proud to be working with Special Combat Services to host what we like to think isn’t A skirmish, but THE skirmish. For those not following our subforum (and why aren’t you?), here are the short details:

* it’s a weekend event on the 5th and 6th of August
* it’s about bringing Arnie’s Airsoft to life
* the games are not your normal airsoft games. Bring springers, a sense of humour and cheesecake.
* we aim to kick the ass of any other skirmish
* we provide the unique chance to meet characters like these unknown scary chaps
* all weapon types are welcomed

Really, it’s about as close to experiencing Arnie’s in the real world as you can expect. Bring yourself. Bring a lightsabre. Shoot some of the moderators. Talk rubbish until three in the morning. Meet your forum heros. Embrace the madness.

For more info, check the forum here . Booking thread here . Hope to see you there. Sledge.(Arniegeddon 06 Organiser and General Top Badger)

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