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“CODENAME: Asylum”, Oct 15th 2005

by Arnie

Justin, (Summit Lake Entertainment) has droped in an update about the charity event that they are running. Here’s the press release:

Contact: Justin Brown, Media Relations, Summit Lake Entertainment. Tel: 815-773-0023


September 28th, 2005-Joliet, Illinois- Summit Lake Entertainment announced
today it will once again host the popular “CODENAME: Asylum”, charity
Airsoft CQB Event on October 15th, 2005. The second charity event will
benefit the Forest Park, Illinois Police Department to assist in acquiring
Airsoft equipment for training purposes. The second “CODENAME: Asylum”
Airsoft event will be held just outside of Chicago, in Forest Park at a
two-wing, multi-level, abandonded retirement home that has been used by
several law enforcement and fire departments for training in the past.

The Forest Park Police Department and Special Response Team will also
again participate in the event, using it as a training opportunity and a
unique way to familiarize themselves with Airsoft related equipment. “We
are excited to be working again with the Forest Park Police Department on
another Airsoft charity event to bring Law Enforcement closer to the
Airsoft community”, said Justin Brown Event Organizer for Summit Lake
Entertainment, “And we look forward to meeting several new Law Enforcement
agencies that are coming to check out Airsoft as a training tool”.

The “CODENAME: Asylum” Airsoft CQB event will give participants the
opportunity to play in a very unique environment and assist the Police
Department in their training. Participants will be divided into several
groups and go through several different scenarios throughout the day,
including a hostage situation, a terrorist group with WMDs, a worker gone
postal, and regaining the building from terrorists to name a few. The
Forest Park SRT will face off against the participants on one of the
scenarios, while uniformed patrol officers will train on Felony Car-Stops,
with the airsoft participants playing the role of the bad-guys. “Our
officers learned a lot from the last charity event and look forward to the
realistic training opportunity,” comments Eric Bell, training Officer for
the Forest Park Police Department. Summit Lake Entertainment will again be
filming this event for a future Airsoft video project to be announced.

Always looking ahead, Summit Lake Entertainment will also be hosting an
upcoming 2 day Airsoft event tba, June 10-11th, 2006 and CODENAME: Thunder
III on August 12-13th, 2006 near Chicago Illinois. Summit Lake is
currently in post-production of the CODENAME: Thunder 2 event DVD, the
sequel to it’s popular original Airsoft DVD, CODENAME: Thunder. The new
DVD will feature intense airsoft action and continue the storyline of the
U.S. incursion into Colombia to take down drug lord Hector Chiro, and is
due out before Christmas 2005.

Based in the Chicago suburbs, Summit Lake Entertainment specializes in
start-to-finish event production of remote location Airsoft and Paintball
related scenario events, as well as setting a higher standard of
cutting-edge action sports videos featuring Freestyle BMX, skateboarding,
Mountain Biking and Boarding, Paintball and Airsoft. SLE videos have
featured William Shatner, Tony Hawk, Dave Mirra and other celebrities and
athletes in the past. Summit Lake Entertainment also produces short films
and is developing other film projects.

For more information go to www.SummitLakeFilms.com; email justin@summitlakefilms.com or stay tuned to this website. Justin (SummitLakeFilms)

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