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Op: Biohazard only 28 days left

by Arnie

http://www.operationbiohazard.com/There’s only 28 days left now before the next Operation: Biohazard game commences. Here’s the update from the organisers:

28 Days Left! As of this notice, 26.SEP.05, there are only 28 days left to register for Operation: Biohazard! Registration is closing soon and spaces are filling up fast!
(retailers/wholesalers see below)

Tired of the same old Ops? Want a good excuse to dust off that old gas pistol that’s just rotting in your holster? Maybe you’re just a zombie fanatic looking for something that’s truly unique and scary to do for Halloween. We’ve got your “Survival Horror” right here! If you’re worried about the MilSim aspect, you’ll use it all, from tactics to stealth! The infection is spreading and we’ve got you covered from coast to coast!

Over $1000 in prizes have already been donated by:
Airsoft Advantage, Airsoft Extreme, Kastway Airsoft, Redwolf Airsoft, USG Airsoft, and WGC Shop, with several more already in the works! See here for more info: SPONSORS

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the most talked about events of the year! Again, spaces are limited for each engagement, so don’t wait. Use the link below and register now! (Registration link)

Retailers: It’s not too late! If you have an interest in sponsoring this event, please contact us as soon as possible as registration will close soon and there is less than a month before the Operations start taking place.

For your generous prize donations, you will be featured on the official Operation: Biohazard website under the “Sponsors” link (all year long), “Photos” link, your logo featured in the program for the event, honorable mention in the feature/cover story in Issue #8 of The NAM: National Airsoft Magazine (due out in time for Christmas – 15.Dec.05) as well as featured on the official DVD being produced for the event (also available on 15.Dec.05)!
All this for your generous donations!

Don’t miss your chance to be a part of one of the most talked about events of the year!
Please simply reply to this email or email us at:

Intel forums: Please see banner attached and thank you in advance for posting the information! Staff, (Operation: Biohazard)

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