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Expo Airsoft West set to provide some good Airsoft exposure

by Arnie

Revy Samia has sent in an email with a press release about a large Airsoft expo that’s being organised by a group that have experience in these sort of events. Here’s the press release:

Pomona, Calif. (Sept. 2005) Expo Airsoft West – a consumer show for the
airsoft industry – will be held on Feb. 25 & 26, 2006, at Pomona,
California’s Fairplex, home of the Los Angeles County Fair. This show will
provide a comprehensive look at airsoft products, services, and safety
issues. All aspects of airsoft will be included for distinctive players,
ranging from the beginner to recreation and scenario players to professional
operators. Participating exhibitors will be showcasing and selling their
products and services to airsoft devotees. For attendees, it is an event
where they can Learn, Shop, and Network with the industry.

Expo Airsoft West (aka Airsoft West) will be co-locating with the 5th Annual
Paintball Expo. “We are pleased to achieve a broad base of consumers at the
Paintball Expo and to see the crossover opportunity to Airsoft West"
, said
Revy Samia, producer of Paintball Expo. Last year, 6,300 enthusiasts
attended Paintball Expo in just two days. "The common denominator of airsoft
and paintball is that they are both action pursuit type sports
", added
Denise Hoy, Paintball Expo, LLC®. She continued, "It’s nothing like having
the perfect venue for the two all under one roof."

Airsoft West is produced by Paintball Expo, LLC®, a company that provides
encircling integrated marketing programs, such as enhancing brand identity,
generating sales, and building product awareness for valued customers and
clients in the airsoft and paintball industry through a trade show

For more information on how Paintball Expo, LLC® can help one achieve
advertising and marketing objectives, please call us at 800.590.4989 or
visit us at http://www.expoairsoft.com


. Revy Samia, (http://www.expoairsoft.com)

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