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Introducing Tactical Airsoft Shop & Tactical Warfare Airsoft

by News Fairy

Tactical Airsoft Shop is a UK based online retailer from the same people who also run skirmish site Tactical Warfare Airsoft. They are offering you, our lovely readers, free shipping from their web shop with the promo code Arnies:


About us: Tactical Airsoft Shop was founded 2 years ago by 2 players who wanted to provide affordable, reliable products and services that airsoft skirmishers deserve! The founders [named removed by request of submitter] started playing airsoft at sites in Surrey/Kent in 2006.  As we are experienced airsoft players we believe we are in the ideal position to understand player’s needs. We became UKARA registered retailer in September 2008 and we also sell at our game site Tactical Warfare Airsoft which we opened in June 2009. Our site is located in Croydon/Biggin Hill and is member of UKARA and UKASGB. We are online retailer only.

(Tactical Airsoft Shop)

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