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by Arnie

It’s definately time for me to go around all my links and list the latest updates from around the globe. Sorry it’s been a bit, but there’s a lot to do these days. Several folks sent in emails in relation to the 5 year anniversary; thanks for that as it was much appreciated. I think this site is now the longest serving community website online in the UK now, which isn’t bad at all. Anyway enough waffling, on with the updates.

WA have a couple of variations (well more than a few really) on their Beretta M1943 and Colt IV line, this time with customised ‘AJAX’ grips. Not quite sure why they were named after a cleaning fluid, but there you go. Coming shortly to a shop near you will be the Domestos Accelerator at some point perhaps? There’s not a hgue heap new about them other than the grips that I can see, the entire list of updates can be found here. Also of news is that WA are releasing a cheaper line of GBB 1911 copies, here’s the details from the chaps at AD:

Warrior Black model and Desert Warrior: Combat versions of the famous TLE. The Desert Warrior features desert tan paint. SCW Ver.3 mech.

LAPD SWAT Custom II and TLE II: The LAPD model has been out for sometime now, but they will also be doing the commercial TLE II in stainless finish soon.

"Magnatech" the new series: WA will be releasing the new lines of low cost GBBs under the "Magnatech" brand. While their hi-end SCW series are perfected for their finish and weight, the Magnatech models will be concentrating on functionality. The prices are certainly more reasonable compared to their SCW models, but they have use the same SCW ver.3 mechanism as well as newly designed hop barrel. The first two models will be Government Mark.IV Series70 and M1911A1 MIlitary model. User, (Airsoft Dynamics)

On the subject of GBBs though KSC have a black version of their short M945 out now. The M945 is quite underated really, normally overshadowed by WA releases, but it does hold it’s own well, and the compact model is a decent size for anyone after a small .45 style pistol.

In the rumor mill at the moment are a series of releases.

  • The Maruzen Walther P99 compact is expected to be released in December
  • SIIS are expected to release a DA P990 model in December. It’s hard to tell but I think it’s built on a KWC base.
  • The Electric Tokyo Marui SIG SP2340 is expected out on the 2nd of December
  • There’s a new version of the CA870 out in December (metal folding stock model),
  • The Tanaka M700 AICS is due out in December at a price of 60,900Yen
  • There’s a whole series of v3 SCW pistols from WA due out as well in various colours (you can see these listed on LA Gunshop)
  • Again at LA Gunshop there’s a wierd listing of a "XP-100R" pistol, that looks like the pistol version of a bolt action rifle. It’s hard to tell from the single shot available though.

Over at Airsoft Elite they have some shots of the VFC Barret that is going to be with them shortly.

For those of you into classic gear, theres been some updates at ClassicAirsoft.net that include two different modifications for the Youth Engineering MP5 (Mag Latch Mod and Foregrip Wobble Fix) written by Renli3d. There’s also some worrying shots of someone’s bedroom. On the subject of news, don’t forget to checkout D53’s pages as they are always a good read.

In the wierd and wonderful department Echigoya have photos of some new Manga based replacement slides for the glock series. They are labelled G18C-AS and SPEAR, Manga gurus will know the relevance of that better than me I hope.

Elfin have finally updated their webpages with shots and details for their small "Lightening" pistol launcher. There’s no much tos ay about it that you can’t see in the photos apart fromt he fact that it’s set to retail at 36,000Yen.

The guys at StarAirsoft are getting busy again. In their next round of releases they plan on doing the complete G36/SL line. No prices or release dates are known yet though. According to their Japanese pages the release details will be announced soon. It’s worth pointing out that they are listed as kits and require a compatible set internal parts (earbox etc). They quote that you should be able to install the needed parts to build the AEG in around 10 minutes. The main complaint about their M249 was that it as too light, so it’ll be interesting to see if these kits fair any different. Here’s the shots:

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