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Get yourself free Airsoft hosting

by Arnie

Drew at Aquinox Hosting Solutions has started a new offer just for you guys, basically you can get free non-profit related Airsoft hosting for teams and personal Airsoft websites. Hosting is free, but if you want to grab a domain you’ll have to pay 5 via Paypal which is a darned good deal!

Drew is doing this simply because he wants to help support the Airsoft here in the UK. Here’s the details:

Basically, to sign up, people should go to our online order form (http://secure.aquinox.co.uk/order/) and order the Personal Package. When asked if they have a coupon code they should enter the code ‘free4airsoft‘ excluding quotes. This will then take off 100% of the bill. I am happy to offer the complete personal package at this time but if it proves to be very popular (which im hoping it will) then I will possibly change the disk space quota down to 250mb. Full details of the hosting package are available at http://www.aquinox.co.uk.

The only thing people should have to purchase is a domain name which, sadly I cannot offer for free as there are registration fees in place. I can register domains (.com, .net, .org) for 5 per year. To purchase a domain people should send 5 via paypal to admin@aquinox.co.uk and I will get it registered for them ASAP.

I will make all the info available on http://www.aquinox.co.uk/airsoft/ along with detailed signup instructions and a kind request to add a link to us on their site.

Drew Rathbone, (Aquinox Hosting Solutions)

Update: Please be sure to follow the instructions on http://www.aquinox.co.uk/airsoft/, several requests have gone in that didn’t follow the instructions.

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