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Operation Morning After 6

by Marlowe


Yes, it’s here. The sixth epic installment in Arnies Community Events is here!

After the (puzzling) success of Morning After 5, run by yours truly in February with great doses of support from Rhino and the goodwill and patience of all who attended, I have been asked by many regulars to run another game – this time preferably without complementary blizzards!

So here it is: Morning After 6. Supported by the kind team at Gunman Suffolk, who are allowing us private use of their Tuddenham site for the weekend once again, the event is due to run again. The game works on an invite only basis but if you are an Arnies regular you most likely will be welcome (along with a non-regular friend).

MA games emphasise small, intimate (careful there ;) ) events rather than pointlessly large (and boring) games, so places are limited to 30 – with 17 already being filled.

If you’re interested and want more information or have already decided to book a place click here or PM me directly. Payment is not compulsory before the event but e-payment bookings are already being received.

Here’s to another slightly wacky Arnies wekender!

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