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New Stock at UNcompany!

by Ghost Rider

Back from Greece and back in the saddle – got an e-mail from UN Company detailing their newest stock – check out their website for more information.

In this week, we would introduce the following to you. So that you can renew your collection.

1) SRC AK 47 Krinkov AEG

It is made up of Full Metal Frame & Stock with ABS Grip. There is a Ver 3 Gearbox, SRC Super 100 Motor and 600 Rounds (6mm) Magazine. Its length is 482mm. Its Battery is of AK Type. Muzzle Velocity ranges from 250-270 FPS with 0.2BB Bullet. Besides, this Package includes one AEG, a Magazine, and a Manual. This only cost USD$ 212.

2) Western Arms Detective SCW 2006 Remix (Limited Edition)

It is made up of ABS. Its Magazine Capacity is 24+1 rounds. Its Length is 216mm. Its Barrel is 6.03mm accuracy inner barrel. Its System is Gas Blow Back/Hop Up/R-type Magazine. This Package includes a Gun, a Magazine and a Manual. This only cost USD$ 252.

3) BOL DD-01 Charger

High speed sample rate negative delta voltage and zero delta voltage suto-detect cut off circuit with MOSFET control for peak detection. Pulsation charge method to prevent overcharge and overheat.

Charge Ni-MH battery by Zero delta voltage technology without using thermo-detection probe.

Auto-detect switching mode charge for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.

Front panel with MODE buttoms and dial log to switch between: CHARGE, DISCHARGE, 1 CYCLE and 3 CYCLE.

DIAL LOG to select chargering current from 0.5A~6.0A, 0.1A step up.


4 Digit LCD display with back-light showing output V, output A and capacity mAh information.

8-bits 8MHz CPU with 8KB ROM, 1KB RAM, 8 channel 10 bit AD and 8-bit PWM current control.

Volt threshold 4mV/cell for Ni-CD and Ni-MH battery.

Auto-detect the number of cells of the battery.

Trickle current (0.1A) after any mode finished.

Reverse polarity protection system.

Charge battery pack with combination 1~15 cells.

Auto detect switching power supply input 110~220V AC or 12V DC

Build in 5A discharge device for single or cycling discharge.

6 cm cooling fan to enhance the performance.

Input Voltage : DC 12.0V~13.8V
Battery Voltage Range : 1.2V to 18.0V and come with AC adaptor (SPS120V7A-T)
Charging Current : 0.5A to 6.0A
Discharging Current : 5A

This charger only cost USD$ 81.

The above is whats new at UN. If you want more information about the new items. Please visit our website UN Company Sales, (UN Company)

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