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Thumper TG 6: New non-pyro based flashbang

by Arnie

Andrew from Non Lethal Training Munitions has been in touch to update us about a new non-pyro based simulation flashbang grenade which they are manufacturing and distributing through companies including UK-based Rivendell Tech:

The Thumper TG 6 is available either from us directly, or it can also be ordered from Rivendell Technologies, Ltd., which is firm based there in England. Noise level created is a safe, yet effective 120 db at five feet.

Time delay is approximately 1.5 seconds.

MSRP here in the US is $119.95 and that includes one Thumper TG 6, 3 charges, instruction manual and service tool. The TG 6, which is produced here in the USA comes with a one year parts and material guarantee.

Besides being useful as a Flashbang training grenade, the TG 6 can also be used in conjunction with our optional Universal Trip Wire Booby Trap Bracket Kit to simulate all manner of trip wire booby traps. Finally players can also add either talk powder or air soft pellets (190+) to create yet even more realism.

Best of all, because the device requires no PYRO, ownership isn’t restricted. We have however elected not to offer the device to all non MIL/LE customers here in the USA.


Andrew Van Der Plaats (Non Lethal Training Munitions, LLC)

This sounds like an intriguing device, especially considering the fact that it is powered by CO2 and has scope for acting as an area effect grenade through the optional use of talc powder or bbs. For more information contact Rivendell Tech, who states that their website will be up and running soon.

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