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Long Island Airsoft: Combat Coram – 9th July

by Arnie

The chaps at Long Island Airsoft have mailed in about an event that they are running on the 9th of July held in Coram, NY:

Long Island Airsoft and Cousins Paintball is proud to announce Combat Coram.

This is the “big game” we (Long Island Airsoft) have been talking about and planning the past few months.

Storyline: Video pertaining to the storyline can be found here on uTube.

July 9th 2006: Alpha City, Alpha

A sudden military coup has shook the nation of alpha as General Alpha victoriously leads his troops through the streets of Alpha City. He has assumed power over the entire nation and has the loyalty of the entire military. He justifies his actions by saying the current government was too timid and afraid to offend the United States to ever take the necessary action to restore the honor of Alpha. The is a long standing dispute of the Coram province with Bravo, Alphas western neighbor. The dispute has been going on since the late sixties over territory lost in the 1969 war. The United Nations declared that Coram was a province of Bravo and Alpha must rescind their claim to the territory and remove all military forces. The Alpha government complied much to the dismay of General Alpha who led the Alpha forces in the successful invasion in the first place. General Alpha has resented his government since that time and now at the end of his active military career led his loyal army in a coup that overthrew the government he grew to hate. Now that he is the self appointed president of Alpha he is giving Bravo one month, until July 9th, to remove all military forces from Coram or face an invasion he says will be one hundred fold of what we gave you in 1969.

The world response is to send a handful of United Nations advisors to the region. This limited response is due to the unwillingness of the United States to commit troops to the region due to political sensitivity of another Latin American campaign. The advisors are there to prevent crimes against humanity and have little chance of adverting a military invasion. The advisors will supervise the handling of refugees and prisoners of war, and to report on any possible threat of weapons of mass destruction. The United States has also increased security of their embassy which lies within the disputed province of Coram.

In related news Carlos, a cartel leader has used the apolitical status of Coram as a base of operations for his drug trafficking business. He has a well trained paramilitary force that receives its training and supplies from governments who were unfriendly to the western world a few short decades ago. He sees these events as a threat to his personal interests drawing un need attention to Coram and possibly upsetting his business. He has alliance to neither Alpha nor Bravo, but will fight with either side to protect his personal interests in the region. Carlos and his personal army will be somewhat of a wild card in the upcoming conflict.

Long Island Airsoft (http://www.islandairsoft.net) will be hosting the game.

Combat Coram will take place on July 9th, 2006.

Game Time: 9AM to 5PM – Night game to be announced.

Where: Cousins Paintball, Coram, NY.

Directions – Field is located at Exit 64 off the LIE. Go North appox 2 miles and take a right onto Granny road. We are approx 1/2 mile on the left.

Pre-Registration Cost – $40.00

After July 1st pre-registration cost $50.00

Walk-in Registration cost – $100.00

You can pre-register on our website.

There will be 2 teams, and 1 small opfor team. We will sort the teams, if you have any requests for teams please email or call us.

If you have any questions please email sales@islandairsoft.net or call 631-961-0950 (Long Island Airsoft)

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