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Arniegeddon USA 06 Pre-Registration Announced!

by Arnie

Prometheus of the Arniegeddon USA team has been in touch to announce that Pre-Registration for Arniegeddon USA 06 will be starting soon, and provided a few details of what to expect:

Date: September 29th through October 1st.

Price: $50 for Arnie’s members
$65 for non-members

Location: Geogetown USA @ Dawsonville, Georgia

A maximum of two (2) non-members may accompany each member. This will keep the non-member population to a minimum and keep the atmosphere Arnie-istic.

Teams must also follow this policy. No exceptions.

This event will focus more on the humorous side of ‘Softing, rather than the Milsim. The event will be made up of a myriad of team based objective type games that are often found in Milsims, but will have comical twists, surprises, and themes that reflect the dry and wild sense of humor that Arnie’s members have come to expect with every login.

Here are some previews of our games:

1) Capture the Badger (CTF)
2) Operation Heavy Sack (objective)
3) Forest Files (Objective)
4) God Save the Queen (VIP)
And many more

We will also have some classic games that are played regularly at Georgetown such as King of the Hill, Brothers Keeper, and Ho-Chi-Minh. This event is open to persons 16 and up. Persons aged 15 may attend only with a parent.

This event is limited to the first 250 people to pre register. Pre-Registration will begin in a few days time. Keep watch on Arnie’s News Page for details and updates.” Prometheus (Arniegeddon USA Team)

With spaces limited and such an excellent line-up, you’d be a fool to miss out on the annual Arniegeddon USA event. Arniegeddon is all about the Arnies community getting together for fun in the sun remember, so you can be sure that this will be one event that will stand out head and shoulders above the rest for any US Arnie members!

Interested? You should be! For more information visit the Arniegeddon USA sub-forum.

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