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by Arnie

The guys at American Tactical have sent in word from them, with some shots of theri store and some info about their company:

I wanted to introduce us here at American Tactical; our retail store is located in Fresno, California.

We have been involved with Airsoft on the retail/gaming promotion side for the last 10 years.

We have recently launched our e-commerce site at: www.americantactical.org. We are a shop made up of enthusiasts, and gamers. Guys who play every week at events we put on for the local area Airsofters.

We understand the importance of offering a place for the responsible, safe use of the products we sell.

We also are members/owners of a Airsoft forum which allows for incredible additional access. You can buy a product from us, and know, if you have a problem, you can almost immediately address it with us.

Our attitude about business is simply treating our clients in a fashion we would like to be treated.

This means if you call the shop, more then likely you will talk to one of the owners. We know we are dependant upon your sense of how we do business. We want you to feel great about spending your hard earned money with us, and if you don’t, you can tell one of the owners how you feel.

How many businesses do you know of where you have the owners involved not only in the retail side of it, but on the forum nightly, and then at the games which we generally hold twice a week?

Please check out American Tactical.org, and see why we deserve your business. We don’t want to make a quick buck off you; we want you as our client for life! Staff, ( American Tactical.org)

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