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ACMgear: Kimber release news

by Arnie

imageACMgear.com now have the final production version of the Army Kimber in their hands and they state that it’s in stock from today:

Dear Airsofters: From ACMgear.com and thanks to this excellent news site we bring you the release we were eager to make, Army Works Kimber Warrior and extra magazines.

imageAfter all the troubles and delays, the final production model with hex screws, pre players request and black Wilson Combat magazines are in stock from today, ready to be shipped to all the customers who made a pre-order of such items.

We, the ACMgear.com team, want to offer our apologies to all the customers who made the pre-order and waited more than we all expected. We hope you fully enjoy your purchase.

For more images and news, please join us at our blog: ACMgear.com (acmgear.com/blog) and forums (acmgear.com/forums) where we will solve all your questions and debate about our hobby.

Thank you very much from the whole ACMgear.com team. (ACMgear.com)

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