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Firesupport October update

by Arnie

firesupport small[1]Frank at Firesupport Ltd has mailed in their latest stock update, which you can see if you click the link in this news post to read the full article (the list is quite long).

As ever you can contact Firesupport by phone or one the web: www.fire-support.co.uk, 01733 247171

We have just received our largest shipment of Classic Army AEGs, parts and accessories.
Here is a list of some of what is new and restocked items

New stock arrived from Classic Army
CA-CA014M Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, Arsenal SLR105 A1, steel ver. £365.00
CA-CA010M Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, SAR Taktik II £235.00

CA-8mm Classic Army 8mm for C249 (6 in a set) £15.00
SS-ACC-RC98 Strike Plasticbox, black, 10x25x98 cm £25.00
SS-ACC-RC125 Strike Plasticbox, black, 10x25x125 cm £30.00
CA-A038M Classic Army Cylinder, manual, advanced, M24 £60.00
CA-P038M Classic Army Piston, APS-2, M24, vacuum £38.00
CA-A040M Classic Army Cylinder air spring kit, complete, APS-2, 300% £85.00
CA-P032 Classic Army AEG Spring, Advanced Power, 170% £15.00
CA-CA014M Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, Arsenal SLR105 A1, steel ver. £365.00
CA-CA010M Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, SAR Taktik II £235.00
CA-P060M Classic Army Magazine Armalite M15/M16 series, 190rd £20.00
CA-P250M Classic Army Precision barrel, TN, 6,04x600mm, for APS-2 £40.00
CA-P011 Classic Army Gear Box Spring Set (For All Types) £4.00
ASG-ACC-UA1000 ASG Propellant, ULTRAIR Power, 1000 ml. £8.00

Items now available again.
Airsoftrifle, AEG, Steyr AUG A1 Military
Fuse, 15 Amp., glas tube
Fuse, 20 Amp., glas tube
Cocking tube, metal, MP5 A4/A5
Stock, MP5 A4
MP5 Dual Magazine Clip
Cocking tube assembly, metal, G3
Frame handle, metal, for M4 A1
Sling, black, 25mm, MP & G3
Sling MP5,tactical, black, 25mm, G3
Bipod for Socom Sniper (for M24 & M16 series)
MP5 A4, Handguard w. flashlight 6V
Silencer, Socom metal 14mm Clockwise
Grip, forward, R.I.S.
Armalite M15 Stock (For M16 Series) including wire
Gearbox Ver. II, 7 mm bearings
G3 Stock w/Wiring
M16 Dual Magazine Clip (for M16, XM, AK & G3)
Wire, silicone w/fuse, MP5 solid stock
R.I.S. with barrel, for M4
Outer barrel, convertible for M15A4
Tactical Retractable System (for M16 Series)
Low Profile Mount for MP5 & G3 Series
Magazine, hi-cap, for CA36C series, 470 round
Metal receiver, G3, light type
Stock, CA33E
M203 grenade launcher short, M15A4 RIS & SPC
R.I.S., CA33, black, metal
Airsoftrifle, AEG, Armalite M15 A4, R.I.S., black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, Armalite M15 A4 SPC
Airsoftrifle, AEG, Armalite M15 A2 Carbine, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, Armalite M15 A4 CQB
Airsoftrifle, AEG, CA36C Carbon version, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, CA36K, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, CA249 MKII, metal
Airsoftrifle, AEG, CA249 MKI, metal
Airsoftrifle, AEG, CA249 Paratrooper, metal
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 A2, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 A3, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 SD2, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 A2 (Wide Forearm)
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 SD6, black
Airsoftrifle, AEG, B&T MP5 A4, W. lamp, black
M16 metal mount base M15/M16/M4
Cocking lever, metal, MP5
MP5 SD Handguard Pin
Magazine 200 rd for MP5 series
Magazine Armalite M15/M16 series 300 rd, black
Locking screws, for Armalite M15
M16 Series Hand grip w/low Noise Grip End
Selector Switch Set for M16 Series
Bushing, Oiled steel, 7mm
Magazine for G3 series, 500 rd
Safety Switch For MP5
W/P60 bulb for (A031P)
Pin Set for MP5 Metal Body
M15 Selector Plate
Buttplate for AK stock
Magazine for CA33 standard (57rd)
Knobs of Crane stock M15 special force
Metal Tactical Sling Adapter (Rectangle Type)
CA249 Electric Switch (Advanced version)
Airsoftrifle, Sniper, M24 SOCOM fluted bar., black
Airsoftrifle, Sniper, M24 SOCOM, black
Pellets, EXCEL, 0.20g – 6000 pcs. in bottle
CA249, box magazine (2400rd)
Cut off lever, vers. II
Shim set
Spring guide w/bearing, ver. II
Spring set, for gearbox, ver. II & III

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