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Eotech lens preservation kit

by Arnie

Flight in the forums has come up with a handy protector for Eotech red dot units:

I had the misfortune of having the lens in my Eotech shot out! It was a distressing day for me and my pocket. Made some enquiry’s on getting a repair and nobody could help. Some of the prices that I was quoted cost nearly as much as I paid for it in the first place!

After buying a new one I was determined to not to let it happen again. I’ve had protected lens 4mm thick and thermaly toughened with optical quality made up to go right infront of the original Lens. These lens’s are hand crafted and are the exact shape of you original lens. In each corner of the lens there is a rubber impact absorbing cushion so that it is not glass on glass. All you have to do is tape in on to the front of you eotech and your protected.

Anyway! Enough of my speil… Just check the video inset and you’ll see a demonstation.


  • 4mm thick
  • thermally toughened glass
  • optical quality
  • hand crafted

All I’m asking is 22.50UKP delivered or 20UKP collection (you can usually get me at electrowerks), Flight

Here’s the video:

You can read more about the product and chat to the maker in the forums here.

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