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Instant food at Master Chief’s

by Arnie

image001Richard at Master Chief’s has dropped in a mail about some new gear that they have in. As he’s mentioned it’s not strictly Airsoft related however they are darned handy for weekend games away where you need hot food fast:

Hi, I realise that this is not strictly airsoft related, but I’m just dropping you a quick e-mail to let you know that Master Chief’s now sell Rocket Fuel Coffee Powershots and Mini Quick Soups. The soups currently come in two varieties – Tomato and Spicy Lentil and both the soups and the coffee are packed in individual self-heating cups. We intend to sell these as cases of 6 cups but we will offer mixed cases at no extra cost. The cost per case is £ 11.82 (£ 7.08 + £ 4.74 P&P, Royal Mail 1st Class). Postage is at cost as a case of 6 cups weighs approximately 1.5kg.

Lentil closed 1Tomato closed 175ml Rocketfuel powershot closed 1

To use, simply turn the cup upside down, push the centre of the base down and then, still holding the cup upside down, shake for 40 seconds. Turn the right way up and open. Orders of 6 cases or more will be charged at £5.70 per case plus shipping (please contact for details). Richard Eastell, (Police and Military Sales Manager, Master Chief’s)

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