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Stock update from Firesupport

by Arnie

FSL CA Advert 2006 11 23 smallNews from Frank at Firesupport is a set of stock updates including the FAL and the latest from Classic Army:

The King Arms FAL is now in stock and available at Firesupport £340

Firesupport (01733 247171) have received their latest shipment from Classic Army. We now have in stock:

  • M15A4 SPR £340
  • Steyr AUG A2, Civilian/police £210
  • M15A4 CQB,Compact, SEAL £300
  • M15A4 CQB Compact £300
  • Classic Army Folding vertical grip £20

Also the G36 Magwell conversion accessory is available and back in stock @ 22UKP. Thanks. Frank, (Firesupport)

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