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‘Airsoft Extreme’: new Airsofting Magazine

by Marlowe

ax2ndissueMore good news for the sport of Airsofting as a whole! Ayokis from Airsoft Extreme Magazine has been in touch to introduce his team’s new Airsofting periodical:

We would like to invite you guys in participating in our very own Airsoft Magazine called ” AirsoftXtreme Magazine” asia’s premier airsoft magazine.

We just launched the first maiden issue last october of 2006 and it was highly appreciated by airsofters here and abroad.

If you happen to have some airsoft articles about your team, big event games, recent action shot pictures or anything you wish to contribute to our magazine, kindly email it at:

You can also visit our website at www.airsoftxtreme.net

Here’s the 2nd issue of Airsoftxtreme Magazine. We are also happy to announce that Airsoft Xtreme is currently being sold at Echigoya, Japan. Redwolf International is already promoting and distributing the magazine all over HK as well as in U.K.

Ayokis (Airsoft Extreme Magazine)

Another Airsofting magazine in English can only be a good thing for all western airsofters who struggle with the finer points of kanji. Here’s hoping it can bring something new to airsofting!

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