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Unrestricted Tanaka M700 rifle to be released for export

by Marlowe

Graham from Ironfoot has been in touch with exciting information about a new, unrestricted export-edition of the Tanaka M700 to be released soon:

As many of you may know Tanaka had dropped their adjustable bolt system on the M700 range of rifles following the new below 1 joule Japanese limit, and the latest rifles were coming without an adjuster and the appropriate parts missing and blanked.

We are please to say that after asking our Japanese agent to lobby Tanaka they have reported to us today that “After hard negotiation with Tanaka and public safety commission about “exporting” the original gun called “Export Version” an unrestricted Gas rifles which non-relating to a new Japanese toy gun regulation “1-joule restriction” it will be ended soon so that we can offer you an original powerful gas gun as before pretty soon I hope.

(Tanaka gas rifles for only “export version” will have power adjustment but no collar in the nozzle for 1-joule restriction as well said Tanaka.)

If Tanaka do hold to this, its great news, it would have been a great shame to have lost the adjustable bolt, as we think its one of the main sales point of the Tanaka, and an extremely useful option for countries with variable maximum powers on Sniper Rifles often from one Game site to another.

Graham (Ironfoot)

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