RIP Galactica

by Marlowe

As I write this I feel somewhat stunned and unsure what to write.

Galactica_tb may be known to some of you. He was a longstanding Arnies regular and a stalwart of the IRC chatroom, where he could be found offering advice on anything from airsoft to audio choices.

Galactica_tb had been in hospital for the past few months after suddenly experiencing a collapsed lung due to fluid. While recovering from this, a rare blood cancer was found, forcing him to undertake lengthy chemo. Throughout all this time he continued to visit the chat whenever he felt up to it, maintaining his characteristic sense of humour despite his considerable discomfort.

Sadly we’ve just received the news that his other lung collapsed today, killing him.

This news is very raw so I apologise if this is not the most coherent of posts and that there is not, as we so often do in this tight-knit community, at present any suggestions for donating funds to charity – I will update this should his family request this. For now I simply wished to convey this news to the whole of Arnies so that we can, as a community share in our sadness at Galactica’s passing and convey our best wishes to his family.

I for one am now going to have a drink while I try to remember Galactica in happier times.

Bye mate. We’ll all miss you.

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