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Arnies social weekend event – Operation: ‘Morning After’

by News Fairy

Those of you who aren’t regular readers of our forums may not have seen that there is a planning discussion taking place for the next Arnies social weekend:

Hi Arnies, Just thought i would drop a line to let the wider Arnies community know about the planning for the next Arnies Social Event.

We have been getting a lot of request from past attendees wanting to know when we would be running the next event and so we have started a thread over on the forums to gauge the interest in running another.

So if you fancy a weekend full of madness then join in on the forums at (ask questions etc)

For past events have a look under the OP:MA Sub Forums at

I would also like to take the time to let the wider Arnies community know that we have a chat room running on the Quakenet irc server, the link can be found on the main new page or it get be accessed via


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