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Echo1 M14s coming 6/6/07

by Arnie

Thankfully not coming out on the 6/6/06, but rather 6/6/07 are the M14 range from Echo1. Echo1’s brandname is doing well in the US from reports and feedback on the forum, and now over at AirsoftGI you can pickup next month M14 AEGs for 155USD a unit. And I remember when the M14s were custom jobs only and the cheap ones came in at 400-600USD!

The specs from the AirsoftGI site give the following details:

Gearbox: Version 7
Magazine: High Capacity
Lenght: 946mm
Weight: 3850g

Description:New Echo1 M14 SOCOM CQB! It offers all the benefits of an M14, in a shortened and more maneuverable form. Measuring 946mm, this is an excellent full-size replica to use for CQB as well as in woodland skirmishes. Shoots in semi and full auto mode. Comes with high capacity magazine.

The SOCOM has some nice details, such as the micro-ported muzzle break, which adds a nice touch to a beautiful-looking gun. The internal parts benefit from numerous components being made out of metal to make this a solid performer, without adding too much weight to the gun.


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