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New review over at AirsoftRookies

by Arnie

Bob over at AirsoftRookies has mailed in to let me know that they’ve posted a review of the Metal AK 47 Assault Rifle:

The AEG Electrical Metal AK 47 Assault Rifle is compatible with the Marui parts and accessories. It has a realistic wood paneling. It has a fully working safety with a semi auto with a full auto switch. It comes with an 8.4 volt battery and a charger. Tactical sling is also included. It has a 300 round capacity and can shoot over 300 fps with .12g BB and 240 fps with .2g. The rate of fire is 750-850 rounds per minute giving the shooter awesome firepower.

If you think your readers would be interested in this one, a post in your news would be most welcome.

Thank you. Bob Schmuck (Owner, AirsoftRookies)

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