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Review of Madbull tracer device

by News Fairy

MadBull have sent in a review of their new tracer device by People Airsoft:

Thanks for the review of MadBull tracer Device from People Airsoft

Quote: We have been fortunate enough to get this amazing new tracer unit in sooner than expected.  It is undeniably the best tracer unit on the market, we used an AEG that is rated at 25 BB’s per second and the tracer performed flawlessly.

The MadBull Airsoft tracer unit is rated to 35 BB’s per second, this product is for sure something to have on your shopping list for any night game or operations.

Link to the review: http://www.peopleairsoft.com

Link to MadBull Tracer Unit

Link to MadBull Tracer BBs


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