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Echigoya On-Hand Pictures of TM AK74MN

by Shinden

  Tokyo-Marui has just updated their website regarding the new AK74MN :AK74MN Homepage

06 05

12/20/07 in Japan is the day of the retailers in Japan opening the fresh new boxes of Tokyo Marui’s AK74MN AEG. Here are on hand pictures of the gun at Echigoya. Pricing at Echigoya is¥35099. 


 AK74MN (1)AK74MNAK74MN (7)AK74MN (2)   AK74MN (3)AK74MN (4) AK74MN (5) AK74MN (6)

  Echigoya also has a video of the blowback in action here : AK74MN Blowback

All images and content copyright of Echigoya (ECHIGOYA HP)

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