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Exclusive review of DyTac’s VLTOR MUR upper receiver.

by FarEast

PC220101 Now I have to say that I have been eagerly awaiting the release of DyTac’s VLTOR MUR (Modular Upper Receiver) since they announced the news that they planned to make one. I was even more happy when the team at Dynamic Tactical informed us that they would be sending us a sample for review before the official release date.

Now I must start of by saying that I have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Dynamic Tactical VLTOR MUR (Modular upper receiver). Being the owner of a VLTOR M4 CASV I felt that without the unique design of the upper receiver left the weapon rather lacking.
So when DyTac announced that they would be making the VLTOR MUR, I was to say the least, overjoyed.
But before we take a look at DyTac’s latest release here is some more information on the real steel VLTOR MUR

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