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Operation: Midas Touch II

by Arnie

David at Nato Command mailed in news of their latest upcoming event:

National Airsoft Tactical Operations is proud to present Operation: Midas Touch II, our 2nd Annual March of Dimes fundraising event. This will be an all day (12+hours) airsoft scenario to be held at Adventure Beach Scenario Paintball in Tabor City, NC (80+ acres). This event will have multiple missions for each team as well as special GPS based missions.

We believe March of Dimes is a very worthy cause and the money raised will help fund research to reduce birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality.

Adventure Beach Scenario Paintball will donate a portion of each field fee, but would like to ask each player to join with us and make a donation as well. For each $5.00 donation to the March of Dimes, you will receive one additional raffle ticket, so you can increase your chances of winning a great prize and join us in supporting a very worthy cause.

We would like to thank our sponsors for their very generous support.

Airsoft Extreme
BattleCat Sports

Big Boy Toys

Georgia Airsoft
SC Outfitters

If you cannot attend this event, but want to help, you can make a donation by going to this page.

We will be raffling off some great prizes:
Multicam Operator Plate Carrier
CA M15a4 Sportline
KWA Glock 19 GBB
WE 5.1 Dragon Slide GBB
AEX Ballcaps
AEX T-Shirts
(Will update prizes as the info becomes available)

Registration will open 3/23/2008.
Please use this link to register, just choose which team you want to register for.
Field Fee: $30 (includes discount coupon for Airsoft Extreme webstore only)
Age Limit: 12 yr. old and up.
12-14 yr. old must have parent or guardian present during game and sign waiver.
15-17 yr. old must have waiver signed by parent.
18+ yr. old must sign waiver.
The waiver is available here. (We will also have waivers at the field)
Player Pack: Each team has a separate mission brief; it is available in the planning forums for each team.

0730 – Walk through registration and chrono begins
0945 – Game and safety briefing
1000 – Game begins
1230-1330 – Lunch break, RAFFLE!
1330 – Game restart
1730-1800 – Break
1800 – Game restart (Night Scenario*)
2030 – Game end
*(The night scenario is limited to guns shooting under 340 fps w/ .20’s and masks are highly recommended)

Directions: http://www.abspaintball.com/aboutus.cfm#directions
Accommodations: Free camping on site after 5:00 pm on Apr. 25th and 26th.



Welcome back to Argentina.

A Swedish based company called XStrata owns the Alumbrera gold mine, located in Argentina on the border of Chile. The Alumbrera mine is one of the largest gold mines in the world. XStrata has contracted Backwater to provide their facilities and gold transports with security. Backwater is a Private Military Contractor (PMC) who employs highly trained and motivated operators mostly made up of ex-special forces. Every gold shipment had been transported by airplane, until a few days ago when one of the transport planes carrying $32,000,000 in gold crashed. The pilot, First Lieutenant Hallow, is believed to have survived the crash, but his location is unknown. All he had to do was make this last flight and then he would be on leave for three weeks. Three days in a hostile wilderness is not what Hallow would consider a good vacation. Backwater has sent a recovery & rescue team to search for Hallow and the gold.

In the Argentina jungle under the shelter of a tree we find First Lieutenant Hallow. While he rests, he hears a loud explosion and gunfire in the distance, hoping that it does not come any closer. He was highly trained and knew that in the event something like this happened he had to scatter and hide the gold. It was worth more than his life. The last trip back to the crash site after hiding the gold he caught the attention of one of the rebel scouts in the area. After a vicious struggle, the scout will never be able to report anything, Hallow silenced him forever. After returning to his concealed makeshift camp, he examines his leg and noticed the dressing on his wound needs changing. While changing his bandage, he hears the sound of gun fire again and then silence. A few moments later he sees an Xstrata helicopter above the tree line gaining altitude. He scrambles to get his radio, hoping to contact the helicopter pilot before his radio dies. “This is First Lieutenant Hallow, ID 76 Tango Alpha. Do you copy?”. Over the static filled radio he hears a voice say “76 Tango Alpha, roger that”. Then the static stops as the final bit of power drained from his radio. He watches as the helicopter hovers just above the treetops for several minutes and then disappears into the horizon. Mumbling to himself “They will come back for me. They won’t leave me here, but why was there an Xstrata transport helicopter here?”.

So now First Lieutenant Hallow has to wait for help to arrive, but in the distance he hears voices. He quietly pulls himself deeper into the brush, praying for help to arrive quickly.

First Lieutenant Hallow was unaware that only a couple miles away, Xstrata had an armored transport truck disabled by an IED. The Backwater security detail onboard was defending it against the local rebels. Every since First Lieutenant Hallow’s plane went missing, Xstrata switched to armored ground transport, but the local rebels were prepared for any vehicles coming through. The Backwater security detail was prepared though because at the end of the day, not one gold brick had been lost. The helicopter that First Lieutenant Hallow had seen was the transport helicopter carrying the Backwater security detail and the precious gold to safety.

(Backwater – PMC) – Desert, ACU, Multicam, Black and Civilian Clothing
(Militia/Rebels) – Green Patterns

Tan (Backwater) Missions:

  • Locate injured pilot and transport to extraction point. If pilot is captured by rebels, you must rescue him.
  • Locate gold stash’s hidden by pilot and move gold to armored truck and secure. Gold can only be moved 1 brick per person.
  • Search any buildings (city, doghouse, pyramid, fort zulu or communication bunker) for gold that the militia has stored and move gold to armored truck and secure. Gold can only be moved 1 brick per person.
  • Guard prison camp to keep prisioners from being rescued by rebels.
  • Rescue any Backwater operators being held in rebel prison camp.

Green (Rebels) Missions:

  • Locate injured pilot and transport to city for interogation, notify command of his capture and secure. If pilot has already been found by Backwater, you must locate where he is being held and capture him.
  • Locate gold stash’s hidden by pilot and move gold to any of these buildings (city, doghouse, pyramid, fort zulu or communication bunker) and secure. Gold can only be moved 1 brick per person.
  • Attack Backwater armored truck and move any gold captured to any of these buildings (city, doghouse, pyramid, fort zulu or communication bunker) and secure. Gold can only be moved 1 brick per person.
  • Guard prison camp to keep prisoners from being rescued by Backwater operators.
  • Rescue any rebels being held in Backwater prison camp.

For more info go to our website.

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