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G&P WA M4 accessory bonanza!

by Marlowe

I know that the WA M4 has a lot of you Armalite fans excited, but G&P seem to be even more keen than the most rabid members on the forums. They’ve sent several e-mails this week with details of new and upcoming accessories for the WA M4:

WP01  WA M4A1 Metal Body (In Progress) **Coming Soon**

WP11  WA Hammer Set

WP12  WA M4 Handguard Kit (Short)

WP13  WA M4 Handguard Kit (Long)

WP14  WA M4 RAS Front Set (Short)

WP15  WA M4 RAS Front Set (Long)

WP16  WA M4 RAS II Front Set (Short)

WP17  WA M4 RAS II Front Set (Long)

WP18  WA M4 Commando Steel Outer Barrel

WP19  WA M4A1 Steel Outer Barrel

As if that wasn’t enough, they’ve also announced new accessories for the Systema PTW M4 and MP5:

SYS01  Systema PTW M4 Metal Body (In Progress) **Coming Soon**

SYS02  Systema PTW MP5 RAS w/ Red Dot Sight Mount

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