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Firesupport May 08 update

by Arnie

Frak at Firesupport has mailed in their latest updates:

Firesupport www.fire-support.co.uk
News update May 2008 Products Back in Stock
All Krylon except Dark Grey and OD (expected 10th june)

Classic Army Metal Magazine, AEG, M16 series, 130 rd £12
Classic Army Metal Magazine, AEG, M16 series, 130 rd, box of 6 pcs £55
Excel Bottle for pellets
Excel Pellets, EXCEL, 0.23g – 3000 pcs. in bottle
Excel Pellets, EXCEL, 0.23g – 6000 pcs. in bottle
Classic Army Grip, forward, R.I.S.
Classic Army Magazine Clip, M16 Dual, (for M16, XM, AK & G3)
Classic Army Bearing Set, 7mm
Classic Army Silencer, MP5 SD metal
Classic Army Front barrel set, complete, metal, outer MP5 SD6
Classic Army Magazine clip, MP5 Dual
Classic Army Magazine, AEG,Armalite M15/M16 series 300rd, black
Classic Army Airsoftrifle case, grey, 86cm
Strike Plasticbox, black, 9x23x46 cm
Classic Army M16 Series Hand grip w/low Noise Grip End
Classic Army R.I.S. system, G3 R.A.S.
Classic Army Low Profile Mount for MP5 & G3 Series
Classic Army Offset Sight 30mm
Classic Army Magazine, AEG, CA33E series Hi-cap, 330 rd
Classic Army Cranestock, M15 special force
Classic Army Selector Switch Set for M16 Series
Classic Army SR-15 Flip-Up Sight
Classic Army Adapter 14mm clockwise MP5K
Classic Army R.I.S., for M4
Classic Army R.I.S., for MP5 & MC51
Classic Army Hand Guard, CA249 – Army Version
Classic Army Flashhider, metal, M249
Classic Army Gear Set, Original
Classic Army G3 steel flashhider
Classic Army CA249 Electric Switch (Advanced version)
Classic Army Box magazine, M249-series (1200rd), Desert
Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV, M15 A4  Carbine
Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV, M15 A4 Tac. Carbine
Classic Army Airsoftrifle, AEG, SLV,M15 A4  Carbine,Transparent



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