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Vouchers and offers from AD

by Arnie

Paul over at AirsoftDynamics has sent in the latest from the guys there, including new Inazuma offers and some new gift vouchers from them:

Belt fed blowout:

Howdy ho,

Once again I bring you news of stupendous deals and bargains galore, but onto that in a second. The keen eyed among you will have noticed the Gift Vouchers now available from the website, these are currently only redeemable in person or over the phone but will shortly be fully integrated into our site.

Our vouchers are the perfect gift idea this coming holiday season, not convinced? Well allow me to persuade you – not sure what to get your Great Aunt Mavis? Well why not treat her to a nice gift voucher so she can make her up own mind, Glock or Berretta, TM or KSC the choice will now be hers!

Please take a second to check out our gift vouchers by clicking the link at the bottom of this news article.

Did I mention some stupendous deals and bargains?

Oh yes thats right as the title suggests we have slashed the prices on our belt fed collection and placed them on an Inazuma offer! Save up to 130 on an M60!! All versions are on special now.

We have also added the M16A1 VN and the MP5 A5 to the Inazuma, remember these are in stock and come with free next day delivery to the UK. These represent the very best prices in the whole wide world for UK airsofters.

As is the nature of Inazuma offers get them whilst there hot!

Till next time. Paul, (AirsoftDynamics)

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