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Illuminating ideas from Platoon Stores

by News Fairy

Platoon Stores have some practical solutions for the darker evenings:

Hi Guys, With winter and the late nights coming and the prospect of playing in the dark we thought we’d share a few items with you.

The daddy of weapon mountable lights the Surefire 6P can now be made better with the addition of the Ledwave A-49 cable switch which will give it a strobe function. This will also work with the Surefire G2 and the ledwave weapon lights like the Z-1_Kommando


We have a good range of head torches and the most useful of them all the Cliplight which will also work on your vest or glasses.


For those who like customising check out the Nextorch which allows you to programme your light levels (up to 150 lumens) or the strobe rate.

If you would like any advice give us a call, we have a fantastic range and will be able to fulfill your need.

Thanks, Pete (Platoon Stores)

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