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New at GWS: SOC (deluxe) MP5A3 kit

by News Fairy

GWS have a new item in stock:

Dear Arnie & all, We have the New SOC ( Deluxe ) MP5A3 kit in stock now,  deluxe A3 grip frame have a new reality texture, front & rear steel metal insert, also comes with Germany style code marking, genuine no any modification requested, it would be the most realistic replica in the market!


Deluxe MP5A3 full kit with ( front silm forearm / steel selector / A3 grip frame )  US$  110.00

Deluxe MP5A3  ( grip frame / steel selector )  US$ 87.00


Material :  100% Nylon with Glass Fiber reinforced polymer / Steel metal


Please don’t waiting, order it for your VFC MP5A3 GBB project,  you will have no regret after purchase!

Contact us for the ordering:  info@gunsworkshop.net

Thanks!  (GWS)

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