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5.11 Tactical Gear now available from UK stockists

by Arnie

Mike at Edgar Brothers has sent in word from them of their latest products and popular items that can be found in stock with their biggest retailers at the moment.

Click here to visit Nitron EquipmentClick here to visit PolimilClick here to visit Edgar Brothers

The full 5.11 Tactical Range is now available to buy online at Polimil and Niton Equipment who both hold 5.11 stock.
You’ll see that the price structure is much better than you’d expect. Gone is the straight USD/UKP conversion of simply swapping the Dollar for a Pound sign that you normally see elsewhere.
The US retail price on 5.11 pants is 69USD and here in the UK they are pricing them at 31-35UKP.

The 5.11 clothing range are proving to be highly popular, for example the Backup Belt System found in their clothing products was made in conjuction with Blackhawk Industries.

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