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Redwolf Airsoft news – 28/7/2008

by Arnie

Here’s all the latest from the RedWolf Airsoft team:

Hi there,

The Airsoft Innovations Tornado Grenade has arrived at Redwolf and we have got a complete review of it here. The product page can be found here.

igrenade-m IMG_5656

Also, the Systema TW5A4 MAX is now available, which features 460+fps and some additional tweaks:

(1) Sector gear
i Sector gear Hardening processing is added. Durability is improved.
ii sector gear B Nitriding processing is added. Durability is improved.
(2) Spur gear
Nitriding processing is added to each gear. Durability is improved.
Moderating ratio is changed. Torque is improved.
(3) Bevel gear
The hardness of hardening processing is changed. Durability is improved.
(4) Adopt one flange-less bearing
It changes with larger spur gear’s diameter
(5) Cylinder unit
It changes to M150 specification. Check it out here.

Finally, we have got the new TASC headset from Cavalvy. Following on from the Elite II headset, this new headset combines all the superb functionality of the Elite with the aesthetics and dynamics of the TASC. As seen here.

Oh…and you might be interested in some more exclusive pics and information on the Inokatsu M4 Gas Blowback and their line of after-market parts for the WA M4. Check it out here.


Kai, (RedWolf)

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