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Popular Airsoft Magazine August 2008: Chinasoft

by Arnie

Here’s the latest update from Popular Airsoft:

It’s the year for the Summer Olympics, and all eyes are on China. And that, our friends, is also our cover story. Though not exactly in Mainland China, where airsoft play is actually illegal, our Operators went to Hong Kong, the land of all things airsoft. You name what airsoft gear you want, they have it. Hong Kong is the main transit point for airsoft and thus, we give you our story on Chinasoft.

They sat down with RedWolf Airsoft, Airsoft Global, Magpul PTS, King Arms, CRW-Airsoft, and GunnerAirsoft to discuss about Chinasoft and played with Unit Black Division, a team of expatriates in Hong Kong, and comprised mainly of Filipino players. It’s really a thing for Filipinos, playing airsoft. Wherever they are in the world, as long as it’s legal, they always find a way to play airsoft together.

In our features, we interviewed Andrew Ho of Airsoft Extreme, the US-based airsoft company that is famous not only in the US, but also around the world. Moreso, we also interviewed Matt Jones of Network Airsoft, a social networking airsoft site. And New Caledonia airsoft is also featured with the Union Caledonienne D`Airsoft explaining the situation in the Pacific island just northeast of Australia.

Buckshot and Orac were at Berget 6, the largest airsoft event in the world. And they’ve brought their story and photos. Next year, we’re thinking of sending an even bigger group to cover the event…so Berget 7, here we come. Optimus Prime, together with Bulletproofmike and Saicho, went to the War and Peace Show 2008 where they had a great time gawking at the military vehicles that paraded in front of them.

More on our cover story. Brahma presents to you Flyye Industries, the China-based gear that is fast getting popular among airsoft circles. Ogre and the BigBadBear also were mesmerized by the custom work of Clarence Lai, more known as the Airsoft Surgeon. As the guys came back to report about their Hong Kong experience, what they told as that he is THE GUNSMITH. We bow in praise of him.

We’ve got the usual gun reviews, with the Western Arms M4 CQB-R GBB, the TM AKS74U, JLS Beretta RX4 Storm, Jing Gong M4A1 All Metal, and the M14 SOCOM face-off.

Lots of stories for you to read, and we promise even more come September.

Enjoy reading!


Popular Airsoft Magazine August 2008 Contents (214 Pages):
From the Writers
Meet the Popular Airsoft Operators
Now For some news
– AFAD AIMS, UAA Shoots!
– Network Airsoft
– Andrew Who?
– Union Caledonienne D`Airsoft
– War & Peace Show 2008: A walk down memory lane… ala militaria!
Geardo Corner:
– Keeping your airsoft expenses down
– Opting for budget AEGs to save
– Spend high, worry less… later
– When manual winding becomes a thing of the past…
– Gears and Stuff
Airsoft Combat Events:
– Berget 6: Convoy Operations
Cover Story:
– Hong Kong: Airsoft shopping capital of the world
– Flyye-ing high on China’s manufacturing boom
– The doctor is IN!
– Unit Black Division HK: Unity Begets Discipline in Hong Kong
Gun Reviews:
– Get Real! The Western Arms M4 CBQ-R Gas Blowback Rifle
– Much Ado Over Nothing: TM AKS74U with electric blowback
– Stubby it is… Killer? The Jing Gong Stubby Killer
– New kid on the block: The JLS Beretta RX4 Storm
– To FET, or not to FET…: Jing Gong’s all metal M4A1
Armorer’s Den:
– Pulling a fast one…
– Modding
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