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New kit at KMNW

by Arnie

Tony (KMNW) has a new update:

Hi Arnie,

After seeing what an excellent job you did regarding our last post I thought I’d just write and let you know what we’re doing this week. Firstly we’ve just taken delivery of the new 5.11 / Blade-Tech Revolution Holsters.  Basically 5.11 Tactical and Blade-tech have joined forces to bring this new line of holsters and mag pouches. I’m fairly sure we’re the first in the UK to have them and I have to say there a great bit of kit and very good value with both the belt loop and paddle option included. Talking about value for money we’ve also added the Solarforce range of flashlights to our current special offers list with up to 50% off. And for anyone looking to compete with the Surefire 6P then they should seriously look at the L2 range. Even the basic model L2 6V 90 lumens is well beyond recommendation at this new price of just £12.99 and the LED versions start at £15.99 now, although of course you’ll have to buy some batteries with that.

And finally, staying with torches and for those guys who have some spare cash about and are looking for a bargain we have the Surefire G2 Nitrolon. RRP is £63.99 but we’re doing it for only £46.99. That’s less than a standard Surefire G2 with 12 batteries and the LED version will last longer.

Thanks, Tony

image PS…Just a quick word about our new Molle vests and pouches. I’m pleased to say the final pre-production testing is now completed and with better than expected results were really looking forward to getting this range into stock. More details will follow soon but what I can tell you is the range will be available in 3 colours namely, Black, Tan and Olive green and most operator configurations will be catered for including individual pouches for customisation. As for prices….well you’ll just have to wait but I can guarantee you wont buy better from anywhere else. Expected delivery times is about 6 weeks. Picture attached.

Thanks again

Tony Bradley
Importers and retailers of the finest tactical clothing and accessories.
Israeli Martial Arts Academy
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07967 560 857

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