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AirsoftGI’s new custom armoury

by Arnie

AirsoftGI have sent over some news from them:

Airsoft GI’s Custom Armory is ever changing and is one of the highlights of our online and walk-in store.  Our technicians have years of upgrading experience to give you the best possible custom build.  Most of the guns in our Custom Armory are only cosmetic mods, just in case you have specific FPS limits where you play, but any one of the guns can be built to YOUR specifications (inside and out).

image image image image

If you see something you like in our Custom Armory, or if you have an idea for a custom gun for yourself just shoot us an e-mail at tech@airsoftgi.com or call us at (909) 869-0671. Build the gun you’ve been dreaming about right here at Airsoft GI! (Airsoft GI)

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